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3 Of The Smartest, Greenest And Most Sustainable Cities in North America

Every life aims to grow. Every individual aspired to a better lifestyle than before. Every person desires to live in the lap of luxury. For most, this means moving to a city. It is the reason why metropolitans have seen a massive influx in population in recent years. Projections and predictions say that in the next thirty odd years, seventy percent of the planet’s population will be found in the cities. With such unprecedented rates of immigration, the infrastructure of urban towns is not able to keep up. The demands that the population puts on shelter, transport, food, water, energy, etc. is increasing exponentially.

Such cities will not be able to tackle the influx further. Unlike the growth that was seen in the twentieth century, global cities now do not have the space to fit in people. The only way to face growing urbanization is to build smart cities. A smart city is an innovative city, one that finds unconventional yet efficient ways to make the life of citizens easier. Here, we list down three such metropolitans in America that use mobile technology to deliver services to denizens. The cities take advantage of their citizens to make efficient use of land and infrastructure.

  • Boston

When it comes to statistics, Boston led the smart city race for many years. It had not only the most number of venture capital investment per capita but also patents in entire North America. With more than seventy universities in the city, it is no surprise that the population is not only smart but also ground-breaking. The city and its citizens are always working harder to create an innovative metropolis. A prime example is their use of cameras and inductive loops. The city uses the technology to manage traffic on roads.

Another example of pioneering example is the way they identify gunshots through an acoustic sensor. Most of these sensors and cameras are from the smartphones of the local population. It is an adept use of taxpayers and technology to build a smart town.

  •    Seattle

A hub of startups, Seattle is one city in North America that provides complete support and incubation of budding entrepreneurs. It also gives thousands of open data sets to startups to make better apps all in a bid to improve the quality of life in the metropolis. With institutes like Bainbridge Graduate Institute providing the top program on sustainable innovation in the world, Seattle has earned its place in the smart city league. It is not just academia that drives modernization; organizations also promote it. Some examples are Climate Solutions and Sustainable Seattle. They work to build an efficient city but also a happy one. The Happiness Initiative is one project that works towards this goal.

  •    San Francisco

Long before other cities jumped on the bandwagon, San Francisco was already halfway through to becoming a green city. It has built one of the strongest entrepreneurial ecosystems in North America. So much so experts believe that it has become the epicenter of growth rather than the Silicon Valley. It has for long led the path to smart cities and will continue to do so.