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5 Top Place That Are A Must Visit In North America

The wonders of the world never cease to amaze. There is so much beauty to explore on our planet that it would take many lifetimes to cover it all. In this article, we include one faction of the beauty – North America. Though there are many, many marvels to see from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone Park, here only five are covered. The first three are found in the United States, and the last two are in Canada.

  •    Myrtle Beach

One of the favorite beach cities in U.S., Myrtle Beach is a vacation resort city. It is most known for its Grand Strand, a line of the gorgeous beaches that stretch for over sixty miles. The city is filled with golf courses designed by celebrities. Free concerts and fireworks display are two constant sources of entertainment in this town in South Carolina.

  •    Lassen Volcanic National Park

A home to stunning blue skies, meadows filled with wildflowers and crystal-clear mountain lakes, the Lassen Volcanic National Park is the most beautiful vacation spot you will ever go to. Individuals who love camping will thoroughly enjoy the Volcanic Park located in California. It has programs for kids like Junior Ranger Program to keep them occupied.

  •    Cape Cod

With more than a hundred beaches to pick from, Cape Cod in Massachusetts has become a vacation destination. It is virtually on every travel checklist. The Cape Cod area is home to hundreds of hotels that come at a whole range of prices. This makes the place loved by budget travelers as well as those who prefer luxury. Scenic beauty is only part of the appeal; the food, the camps, and the people are the real lures to Cape Cod.

  •    Banff National Park

For all the adventure lovers, Banff Park in Alberta, Canada is the best possible vacation spot.  From hikes to white water rafting to horseback riding, the park offers a whole smorgasbord of outdoor activities. Bike along the mountain while enjoying natural springs and scenery so spectacular it takes your breath away.  It is wilderness at its best.

  •    Niagara Falls

Technically, this wonder of nature can be enjoyed from both Canada and US. But the Canadian side gives a more spectacular view. It is recommended to visit the falls anytime between the start of October and early May. Take a cruise in the Maid of Mist to feel the waterfall, and then ride a cable car up the canyon to enjoy the museums. Casinos and restaurants just add to the fun and frolic of the place.

These were just five of the places that call North America their home. There are many other cities and wonders a tourist can visit. Washington, D.C. for the history buffs and Walt Disney World for the lovers of fun and fantasy, the subcontinent has a lot to offer those bitten by the travel bug. While you are at it, take a gander through British Columbia too. It is one of the most stunning places on Earth. Do the necessary homework and enjoy a pleasant stay.